Maria & Terry Gassaway

Maria Heuser-Gassaway has used natural solutions her whole life.  Essential oils became her favorite tool as a young mother.  They were such a connecting way for her to support her family’s health.  Once she discovered oils that were more effective than anything else she had ever worked with, she started sharing them right away. Unexpected difficulties arose in her life, and it wasn’t until two years later that she started to work on sharing essential oils again. Her husband, Terry, quit his job to join her full-time. They are enjoying great success as they share the wellness lifestyle.
Terry and Maria have learned that success can only come through action. Maria says, “It’s so easy to do this business in your head. You have to wake up and do it. A lot of times that space between knowing what to do and creating it is just doing. As you start doing, you’ll know what to do.” Terry knows that anyone can be successful. “I’m amazed at how, if people will put forth the effort and be smart about how they build, it will come. Just have faith that the hard work will pay off. Be flexible and know that you will be rewarded.”