Laura & Jerry Jacobs


Laura&Jerry - zebra

In 1996 Jerry and Laura Jacobs opened a wellness center, Herbs for Health/Brilliant Living  where Laura served thousands of clients for over 17 years, specializing in her proprietary health coaching and other modalities (aromatherapy, herbology, iridology, kinesiology, nutrition and life coaching). In 2000, they made the tough decision for Jerry to leave his career as a videographer (due to extensive travel away from the family) to come and manage their business and support the growing family at home. In the coming years, Jerry learned and specialized in both Emotional Release Processing and The Art of Feng Shui.

In 2008, they began sharing essential oils and achieved great success blessing the lives of many people. Laura has been a talk radio host, is an international speaker, has authored her own Holistic Health Coach Certification Course and loves to teach about health and wellness and mentor people to their dreams. Jerry is passionate about assisting others in achieving a life of abundance. Their family life is life’s biggest treasure and they reside in Utah with their 5 amazing children.