Go “mine” your back-office and “dig up” names of under active and inactive customers. There is gold in their names! FRESHEN UP your customer relations and create opportunities to serve and educate.

With dōTERRA’s incredible special THIS month, any customer can receive 4 FREE products with their qualifying 200PV order!! WOWZA! NOW is the perfect time to invite them to FRESHEN UP their health habits!

Get the “scoop” – follow the simple steps I’ve outlined in the video and get digging!

Get EQUIPPED! Your mining has begun!

Now that you have created an LRP Campaign List, you need Live guides to send to those on your list. Get them ordered right away!
Here is an example of what a SILVER might do with a team that size:

  • Make an LRP Campaign List consisting of about 40 people selected to FRESHEN UP!
  • Order 40 Live guides (2 packs of 20) from the Back Office
    (Shop -> Literature -> Business Literature)
  • Mail or deliver a Live guide to everyone on their LRP Campaign List
  • Send a follow-up text within 3 days of your package arriving
    Instructions coming next! Including ideas on what to send and say to make your efforts successful.

NOW is the perfect time for an LRP Re-Fresher!

When someone enrolls with a kit, they are saying yes to dōTERRA, essential oils, and natural solutions in their life, AND they are also saying YES to YOU!!!

Think: How can I better support my customers?

Make a commitment NOW to go ABOVE and BEYOND to give them a GREAT dōTERRA experience.


  • Schedule 30-60 minutes in your calendar (depending on team size) and go through your back-office
  • Use the “LRP Quick Reports” or Detailed Genealogy to Look for people who:

* Enrolled and never ordered again
* Placing orders, but not on LRP
* Placing LRPs below 100PV
* Ordering LRPs above 100PV who may not know about the 200PV special

EARN POINTS: Post a picture of your list in the comments below and enter to the drawing to win one of the great prizes listed in Post 10!!

Including a handwritten note goes a long way and gives you the opportunity to focus on what I like to call the 3 P’s:

  • Personal
  • Purpose
  • Product

Personalize the example below to fit your needs and send an individualized note along with a copy of the Live guide. Perhaps. include details about your purpose for reaching out and highlight the 200PV special!

EARN POINTS: Post a picture below of your personalized notes. Can’t wait to see the way you love on your customers!

I love the 200PV promo this month! These 4 products give us the tools to FRESHEN UP our life!

Since email open rates averages about 10%, there’s a good chance many of your customers haven’t heard about this promotion yet! Share your excitement about the 200PV promo in your handwritten note that you are including with their Live guide.

THEN in a few days, follow up with a text message or phone call to make sure they understand how to get their FREE products!

EARN POINTS: How many people have you shared the 200PV FRESHEN UP promo with? Post the number below! Update as you continue to share. Receive 1 point for EACH person you share with!

Now that you have your “LRP Re-Fresh” names list, it’s time to REACH OUT.

Follow the simple steps below and remember: MEET people wherever they are! Caring follow up that includes a few pertinent details are key to success = customers who regularly use dōTERRA products to change their life on a daily basis!

Tip: Handwritten notes + handwritten address labels add that special personal touch! (And therefore are far more likely to get opened and read.)

EARN POINTS: Snap and post a pic of your envelopes ready to be mailed or delivered!

The BRAND new LRP Kits are a perfect way to FRESHEN Up life!

AND align perfectly with the dōTERRA Wellness Lifestyle shown on page 3 of the Live guide.

When you walk customers through the Live guide during their Lifestyle Overview, listen closely for product needs or what may be on their wish list. Help them select one of the new LRP kits that best fits their needs, supporting their goals to live healthier everyday!

Tip: Watch for our Team Email on the new LRP Kits or check them out at: http://discoverbrilliantsolutions.com/hot-topics/new-lrp-kits/

EARN POINTS: Share the New LRP Kits with a team member who hasn’t heard about them and post your sharing experience below. Receive 1 point for each person you share with and post about!

Life happens!

Make it easy for people to connect for their Lifestyle Overview!! Offer to meet in person, over the phone, on FaceTime, or a Zoom call OR perhaps in a group setting!! Gather at a cafe, host an open house or a group conference call and share the content from the Live guide. Encourage them to invite guests and offer rewards for attending!

Use the tips below to reconnect and FRESHEN Up customer relationships! Remember: The fortune IS in the follow up!!

EARN POINTS: At the end of the month post the # of people that attended a 1:1 or Open House Lifestyle Overview! Earn 1 point for EACH person!