Time and time again wellness experts agree, synthetic chemicals are harmful to our health, wreaking havoc on hormones, overwhelming body systems, and lingering longer than they deserve. Artificial fragrances rate high amongst the most common of endocrine disruptors.

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves a great aroma and smelling good is often a priority. Make it easy on yourself – and your body – and ditch all-things synthetic and switch to ready to roll (no pun intended) blends, as well as make your own essential oil DIY perfumes and colognes.

Reducing toxicity can be simple.
You are in control and the peace of mind, not to mention feeling better, is worth the effort.

Find Your Perfect Scent

  1. Click here to take dōTERRA’s scent quiz
  2. Once on the web page, scroll down until you see this image ->
  3. Click on the purple bar labeled “TAKE QUIZ” to get started.*

*Precious Florals kit pictured is currently available in the EU market only. All these same oils, however, can be purchased individually in 10mL roll-on bottles.

DIY Perfumes & Colognes

Make your own doTERRA pure essential oil DIY perfumes and colognes.

Episode 31: How to Make Your Own Natural Perfume

Click image on right to download worksheet.