Hey BSG Friends!!

Summer of Success: Post 1

School’s Out for Summer (at least at my house!) and June 1st is JUST around the corner. What does that mean?? We’ve got a 12 week summer! Let’s make it a … Summer of Success!!

Think about it…with preparation you can put the next 12 weeks to work for YOU and hire them so by summer’s end, voila you’ve got yourself some … dreams come true!!

More to come!!


Ready to Launch Your Summer of Success?

Summer of Success: Post 2


How inspiring to be at the Eiffel Tower and discover the history of visionary and innovative individuals who dared to DREAM BIG and then found a way to take ACTION and make it all come to fruition!! Wowza!! And look at the legacy that has endured!!

From atop at 324 meters (at the tippy top), I am personally inviting you to be visionary about YOUR future. See the possibilities! Look how far your imagination helps you see!!

The view from the top is extraordinary!! How high do YOU want to climb? It’s your dreams! Shoot for the stars!!

I am in LOVE with the book “The 12-Week Year.” It includes 5 steps or parts to successful action.

Let’s start here:

Step 1: It takes BIG VISION – fueled by personal dreams and a sense of your purpose (how you want to make a difference in the world, your world) to fuel BIG ACTION. No vision? No mystery why action ends up lacking.

Your Summer of Success necessarily deserves preparation – begin with a vision. Think of it this way: You’re hiring your dōTERRA business and your summer to work for you. To bring your dreams and visions to fruition.

Simply begin with the end in mind. Where will you be in 12 weeks?

Dream On!!

Hello Friends from France!!

Summer of Success: Post 3

Yesterday I invited you (from the Eiffel Tower) to be visionary about your future. Now what?

Here’s more from the book “The 12-Week Year”:

Step Two: Once you’ve created vision for your better personal future and your why, or your sense of purpose in the world, you have the fuel needed to take action!!

Now its time to NAME YOUR GOALS. Here are some suggestions for RREVing it UP in your doTERRA business!

 1. RANK

On or before August 31st, 2017, I am ______________________ rank in doTERRA.


On or before August 31st, 2017, my team retention on my first 7 levels is _____ %. OR My total team retention is _____ %.


On or before August 31st, 2017, my team enrollments for the month of August (or for the 12 weeks of Summer 2017) are ______.


On or before August 31st, 2017, my doTERRA team volume has reached ________________ PV.


On or before August 31st, 2017, I secured my ______________________ bonus and have put into place the necessary requirements to generate a $___________ paycheck to be received on my August team performance in Sept of 2017.

 Add more of your own goals from here as you wish.

No matter what, set those personal, team, and business goals. After all, in order for your visions, dreams, and why to manifest, you must aim that enthusiasm toward soothing concrete. With goals identified to accomplish by August 31 over your 12 weeks of summer, you have now hired your doTERRA biz to work for you!

WooHoo!! June Is here (in Europe!) and so is summer.

Let the fun begin!!


Let the Summer of Success Begin!

Summer of Success: Post 4

A big shout out from the Palantine in Rome! High atop a hill, in the ruins of the palace where many emperors lived luxuriously and performed vast duties and with a glorious view of the Roman Colosseum, I am awed by the enduring legacy over thousands of years of what began long ago as just ideas. Wow! Talk about bringing things to fruition!

ALL results, great or small, start inside our heads. From the recesses of our minds emerge ideas that have potential for greatness. Love this quote: “The difference between greatness and mediocrity is slim. The difference in results is tremendous.” NOW is the time to commit to intentional action. What could happen if you spent 2 hours per day 5 days a week growing your business and therefore your dreams?

YOUR greatness is waiting!! THIS is the time to prepare to meet your brilliant ideas with detailed planning and preparation.

Break down the next 12 weeks and begin with the end in mind. Work backwards by asking yourself “IF I am to reach my goal by the end of the 12 weeks of summer, what needs to happen week by week from now until the 12th week. Plan week by week, identifying what PIPES activities for your and your team members must happen in order for you to succeed. Reach out and enlist them as well into the Summer of Success!!

“Funny thing happened on the way to the Forum” (yes that is a one-liner and yes I was at the Roman Forum today), the principles of attraction are in fact laws. Call it the Law of the Harvest if you will, we indeed reap what we sow. Once you identify your vision & goals, and then plan ahead, you will be amazed at what you attract into your life.

With this clear vision and prioritized planning, its like submitting a specific order for what you want and voila! it comes to you!!

The biggest step is knowing what you want and deciding how to get there.

Watch the magic unfold!

KEEP SCORE! “You Cannot Manage That Which You Do Not Measure.”

Summer of Success: Post 5

Eric Worre says the number one thing to keep track of is: the number of presentations given each week by you and your builders. He also says ALL successful NWMs had, at some point, a 30 day window in which they enrolled 20 or more people.

Simply put, this business IS a numbers game. The more people you get in front of your message, the more people you enroll, the more lives you change, the more volume you have, the higher your rank and those of your builders. And so on.

Too often we jump over the obvious, looking for bright shiny objects hoping to bring instant success. The first goal of all builders, regardless of their end goal, is to hit Elite. Then, to progress to the next rank and income goals, simply inspire new builders to do the same. And so on.


This is the total of what needs to be done to hit Elite (page 8 of the Launch Guide teaches the ratio of 100:45:30:15:3 of success):

• Prepare – 100 names list

• Invite – 45 invites

• Present – 30 presentations

• Enroll – 15 enrollments (200 PV average)

• Support – 3-5 builder recruits and all new customers

Tracking these lead indicators (PIPES activities weekly, debunks the mystery of success. Instead, it predicts it.

NOW HOW DOES THIS CARRY FORWARD WHEN GOING FOR OTHER RANKS? Every builder (to maintain builder status) needs to get 4 personal enrollments and recruit 1 builder each month – working the same ratio:

27 names list

12 invites

8 presentations

= average 4 enrollments

= average 1 builder


– e.g. Do better at closing more of your prospects?

Then focus learning how to better qualify leads, and improve your inviting, presenting, and closing skills.

– e.g. Enroll more people?

Then have a bigger Names List, work more prospects, put more people in your pipeline, AND improve your skills!

– e.g. Recruit more builders?

Then present the opportunity more often, hold opportunity gatherings, not just product presentations; improve your skills at casting vision for the possibilities of creating residual income; be a product of your opportunity and share more how it’s blessing your life and tell about the fruits of greater financial freedom.

And remember to make yourself relevant. In the beginning people are enrolling with you more than they’re enrolling with doTERRA. It’s their belief in you that matters most!

?Track weekly PIPES activities is in the Success Check-in first shown in the Launch Guide. Also available for download atsharesuccess.com/Library

Takin’ YOU with me for a Summer of Success!

Summer of Success: Post 6

Oh my! Is it worth being intentional with how you use your time? Are you willing to “distort” time on behalf of your dreams?

“Distort?” you ask. Sacrifice now. Distort time in the direction of those specific PIPES activities that bring success. And I’m not talking temporary success.

I am talking about residual income. The kind that comes whether you are home, at someone else’s home, or ANYWHERE in the world. ANYWHERE. Even in Santorini, Greece, on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with your family (10 peeps!).

We are talking about getting paid 24/7. Awake. Sleeping. Playing. Working. No matter what.

And WHY? Because of the choice to distort time in the direction of seeking to serve. To serve others by teaching and showing the way to a better life of wellness and prosperity.

Distort time. Your time will be magnified in the direction of your dreams come true!!! It’s all worth it!!


Build a Legacy that Lasts with Pillars of Success

Summer of Success: Post 7

A litte story telling today. I hope you treasure it in your heart as I do.

Wow! As I stand here in front of the Parthenon, one of history’s greatest structures ever built, I reflect back on “building” our doTERRA team. And to think its been nearly 9 years now! It seems like lifetimes ago that we started. The Parthenon has had MANY eras and so has our doTERRA team!

There were the Gold and Platinum Eras. They kind of run together for me. A lot of laying of foundation then – most especially the foundation of partnering with three great frontline leaders who today still gloriously stand as pillars of leadership and success and without whom there would have been no structure. Connie Boucher, Maria Heuser-Gassaway, Al Garcia

Then the Diamond-back to Platinum-back to Diamond Era with our first Diamond leg falling quickly after it was built. Conflict of interest threatened another structure she had already built so gone she was. Kind of like the Parthenon. Its been through a few remodels (yah just a FEW!) and pillars have been replaced. Lessons were learned and clarity of self, goals, direction, and purpose began to emerge and so did the true and lasting 4th and Diamond leg, PJ Hanks. Once again, withstanding the test of time and quickly proving to be a dedicated and dependable pillar and partner to success. Blessings again!!

This was an era in which I felt I experienced a right of passage per se. I gave myself permission (finally), due to great encouragement from my husband Jerry Jacobs and leaders, to claim a new way of being and leading.

And then onto the Blue Diamond Era – which came quickly. And there is a storybook here! So much was learned and loved in this era. The same month we Eve Hewett, friend and confidant, what a journey we experienced together! So much lessons learned!! I am forever grateful for an era where I did things I had done before but this time did them consciously. Observing far more than the first times. The leader in me really woke up during this time while becoming and sustaining this rank. Share Success was born out of this Era. Once again, a pillar that withstands the tests of time, willing to go through remodeling and updates, making for long term success. The future is bright!

Then onto Presidential Diamond and Presidential Double Diamond. Era after era after era. Seriously, perhaps another day to tell about these eras! Suffice it to say the first of which was building 15 legs in 9 months on the second level for my six leg. Talk about building!! And those efforts proved to be far more fruitful than ever originally comprehended. And there were some tough tough times! Such tough times.

Just like the Greeks. Rough times but they have endured! Protecting what is most dear and important.Can you imagine all that happened between the late 400 AD era to today’s time that is reflected in the Parthenon? The stories I can tell about the PD and PDD Eras. Goodness. Thank goodness SO many many more leaders and long-lasting pillars of leadership! In chronological order: Cody Jacobs, Sheila Summerhays, Amanda Cazier Olsen, Jeanette Fransen, Judi Downing Sears, Marlyn Jenks Didericksen, Jason Fila, and Kena Jacobs.

TOGETHER we have built a gigantic structure of longevity. Could Jerry Jacobs and I ever have imagined those 9 years ago that we would have a team with 11 solid pillars and more under construction as we continue to expand our BSG footprint of hundreds of thousands of people on the planet!!

Here’s to those glorious partners and pillars who stand tall upon the mount of success, protectors of the treasures — the people and the products!

Without you there would be no story, no lessons, no people. Without YOU there would be no structure nor success. Without you there would be nothing.

My gratitude to be pillared with you is eternal!!

It’s the Summer of Champions! Set YOUR doTERRA Olympic Record!

Summer of Success: Post 8

Ok! August 31st is your deadline for 12 weeks = a year of success.

May I share with you the doTERRA Olympic record I am proud to say I still hold? Talk about running the race and sprinting to the finish line!!! Admittedly, I am the type to do something last minute but happy to say in this case it was simply a decision to do the thing. I simply made a commitment and did something with it. And a deadline DID help. Love the finish line called “End of Month.” I look back and think whatever possessed me to do what I did? Here’s what I did:

I was returning from a convention in Wash DC for another MLM I belonged to and on the plane ride home I wrote a list. A list of people I carefully chose. People I thought would love the doTERRA oils. I went through every contact on my cell phone and in my computer. I, myself had only signed up two weeks before. Funny thing, the next day was the closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics of 2008.

The following weekend was the LAST weekend in August. It was Labor Day Weekend that year. Yes, a holiday weekend. And I ruined it for my family. Why? I spent over 8 hours each of the two days, Friday and Saturday, on the phone calling people and telling them I found the essential oil company of my dreams and that I was going to do this big and wanted to invite them to join me — now — and with a $500 kit. After all, it came with a free $89 diffuser! At the end of those few days, and I had never signed anyone up before, I did 15,000 PV in volume (and my first leg had also done 3000 PV of her own!! Connie Boucher), and by August 31, 2008 I became a GOLD in a weekend.

And that record still stands – its never been broken since. Nine years, 4.5 million people later (there was only about 1160 ish of us when I joined).

I DARE YOU to set YOUR OWN Olympic record this summer. Whether you do it in three months, three weeks, three days, whatever it may be, set a record for your success!!

Here’s to YOU! I lean my torch and flame of passion to yours.

May you run the race like your dreams depend on it!


NIKE = Victory

Put your running shoes on and . . .

Declare Victory on August 31, 2017!!

Summer of Success: Post 9

NIKE: the winged goddess of victory. Attached you will find a picture of Athena holding Nike. There is a second of three buildings atop Acropolis, and it represents this partnership. Victory over war. The only war we ever really engage in is the war with the self.

Every good participant in the game of life learns that the GREATEST power and strength lies in the mind. Disciplining self to choose out of asking disempowering questions like “Why am I a failure?” “Why doesn’t anything every turn out for me?” This is true victory!

Choose a symbol for your victory. Place it somewhere you will see it often, daily, and meditate for 15+ minutes daily on the success it represents for you.

Express gratitude for your success in advance and ask yourself afforming questions – yes I spelled it that way for a reason – such as “Why am I living my dreams come true?” “Why am I the leader of a successful doTERRA team and hold the rank of _____?” “Why am I making $____ per month consistently in my doTERRA business?” and so on. Get more and more specific. “Why am I the kind of person who is attracting powerful, self-guiding, self-accountable, self-motivating builders and leaders to my team?” “Why am I attracting pillars of success with whom I can partner long-term?”

Your subconscious mind can’t help itself. It WILL seek the answers to the questions you ask.

Ask and ye shall receive! WHATEVER it is you are asking for!

May you win the war over negative, doubtful, limited thinking!


Speechless, Humbled, Reverent, Grateful.

Summer of Success: Post 10

As we bring our family vacation to Europe and I reflect back on the last 15 days and the ability to travel with 10 people, I am so humbled and grateful for the gift that DoTerra has been in our family life, prospering our health and our wealth.

As I stand here on the hollowed ground of Pompeii, I am awed by magnitude of this historical site. And it’s preservation. And again humbled at the opportunity to simply be here.

So if you’re wondering if it’s worth it to dedicate a few hours each day of your your summer, imagine the summers in your future that will be given back to you.

The ability to take a family of 10 on a trip of this magnitude would have been incomprehensible to Jerry and I only a few years ago. We couldn’t even imagine how to take all five of our kids to Disneyland let alone to a place like Europe.

So in the words of Dave Ramsey, “Live like no one lives, so you can live like no one lives!”

Signing off from Europe and Pompeii.


Summer of Success: Post 11

Final day of our 15-day European trip. Thought perhaps it might spur you on through your Summer of Success to expand your dreams and possibilities. So grateful for doTERRA and the ability it brings to live the good life!
Still have to pinch myself about “This is our life!” Wowza!!


Broadcasting from Yokohama and sharing three for a profound principles of success!

Summer of Success: Post 12

Learn more about … one proceed the next …
1. Choose Greatness Now
2. Make and Keep Commitments
3. Be Self-Accountable for Both Actions and Results

Secret Sauce of TOP Presidential Diamonds

Summer of Success: Post 13

I love the story Stephen R Covey tells in “Seven Habits for Highly Effective Network Marketers” about the guy who works 80 hours a week at his “day job” and has VERY LITTLE TIME to start his new network marketing business. He decides to challenge himself to talk two new people each day during his lunch break.

At the end of one year he had spoken to 520 people, and enrolled 52 (that’s 10% – our enrollment rate is higher on average in doT) and found what Stephen Covey calls his “four aces” in his deck of 52 customers. He found his four key builders!

Within just two years he was making his dream income and had an organization of tens of thousands of people.

At the end of the day WHY we do what we do is: “We seek to change lives and we actually get paid for it.” That getting paid part – It’s simply a numbers game. It’s simply about getting our message in front of enough people to create the residual income of our dreams.

Remember, “The difference between mediocrity and greatness is slim. The difference in results is tremendous. ” – The 12 Week Year

It’s the one more phone call, the one more share, one more invite, the one more one on one that make all the difference!

Again, It’s simply a numbers game!

Living like no one loves so we can live like no one lives!!

Summer of Success: Post 14

Thank you doTERRA!!!!

Just returning today from the Annual Presidential Diamond trip and reflecting back on the joys of June.

Well…We did it. Took four full weeks off in June. It’s been my bucket list dream for over a decade to get to the place in my life where I can take a summer month and a winter month off. What a joy to spend time away but those we love!

Summer month off. Check!